Myth and Mass Media – McLuhan

May 28th, 2010

McLuhan, M. (1997). Media research: technology, art, communication: Routledge.

The effect of media, like their “message,” is really in their form and not in their content” (10).

“The spectator or reader must now be co-creator” (12).

In Myth and Mass Media, McLuhan discusses language and mass media in regard to the making of myth. While this particular essay’s topic does not directly relate to my research, McLuhan discusses some concepts foundational to his later essays, and by extension my study.

“If a language contrived and used by many people is a mass medium, any one of our new media is in a sense a new language, a new codification of experience collectively achieved by new work habits and inclusive collective awareness” (6).

The Online Video Conversation (OVC), in this sense can be seen as a new language, a new codification of experience. Additionally, those that use the OVC are creating new work habits, by their very use of the tool. Read the rest of this entry »