Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory

October 4th, 2010

Zappen, James P. “Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory.” Technical Communication Quarterly 14 3 (2005): 319-25.

Article Abstract:

This article surveys the literature on digital rhetoric, which encompasses a wide range of issues, including novel strategies of self-expression and collaboration, the characteristics, affordances, and constraints of the new digital media, and the formation of identities and communities in digital spaces. It notes the current disparate nature of the field and calls for an integrated theory of digital rhetoric that charts new directions for rhetorical studies in general and the rhetoric of science and technology in particular.

It is somewhat difficult to write up/review this article for key points, since it is an extremely brief and concise account of the key topic in digital rhetoric and the key scholars writing on these topics: a sort of literature review. However, it is valuable to me to look to what topics emerge as most relevant/important in digital rhetoric, what affordances and constraints it brings, etc. Read the rest of this entry »