Information Richness Theory

November 7th, 2010

Daft, R. L., and R. H. Lengel. (1984). “Information Richness – a New Approach to Managerial Behavior and Organizational Design.” Research in Organizational Behavior 6 : 191-233.

Information Richness is the foundation of media richness theory, which I addressed in a September 2009 post and again in March 2010. While those two posts (particularly the first one) provide a good overview of the theory, I want to add a few points directly from the 1984 article that is the genesis for this topic.

The article looks at communication in the workplace and discusses models of organizational communication and how organizations meet the need for certain types/methods of communication for specific purposes. However, the root of the theory is not specific to workplace or hierarchical communication, but rather regards the differences in the way information is received from different communication methods. Read the rest of this entry »