I’m the Senior UX Writer for GoDaddy’s User Experience department and am also the Managing Editor for the GoDaddy UX Design Blog. Additionally, I’ve worked as a eLearning managing editor, instructional designer, presence & commerce writer, copywriter, brand writer, graphic designer, technical writer, and quality assurance specialist.

I have a Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University with the dissertation, Social Presence in the Asynchronous Online Classroom: The Asynchronous Online Conversation. I also achieved a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from Arizona State University for which I wrote the thesis, George Harrison: Spiritual Disciple / Secular Saint.

I’ve been an instructor with the Technical Communication program at Arizona State University–instructing in both online and classroom settings–since 2003.

My professional interests include content design, user experience, new media, elearning, digital orality, and rhetoric.

My personal interests include writing stories/poetry/fiction, electronic music, antique typewriters, running, cigar box guitars, road cycling, classic British motorcycles, ink, and fiction.